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DIY Personalized Candle


Today I am going to show you how to make personalized candles. I discovered this technique during my wedding and found it to be extremely easy and it gives

great results.

Things you will need:

- candle (this can be any candle as long as the outter surface is accessible to you. ie not in a votive)

- tracing paper/tissue paper

- pen(s)

- blow dryer


1. Draw the image or design you wish to have on the candle on to the tracing paper. I usually try to find a design online then trace it for a more professional look but you can do anything from kiss marks to children's drawings, as long as its on the tracing paper.

2. Cut the design out leaving a small .5 inch border around the edges.

3. Place the cut out image onto the candle figuring out the final placement of the image.

4. Take your blow dryer and start heating up the tracing paper while it lays flat against the candle. Hold the blow dryer about 3-4 inches from the candle. You will start to notice that tracing paper melt into the candle while he design will appear to look like it is drawn directly on the wax.

Once all the tracing paper has disappears and the image is left you are done.

*You will notice the edges of the tissue paper will have disappeared.


Please show me your DIY Candles on social media by tagging #twoafterido I would love to see the results!


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