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Rose Sheetmask Review - Miniso


I recently posted this photo on my Instagram and promised a review. I wanted to wait a full 24 hours after using the mask to get a good idea of what it provides.

Alrighty, so I tried this mask and followed all the directions on the back of the packaging. The package tells you to wash your face, apply toner then open the mask and lay it on to your face. This mask is a sheet mask with eye, nose and mouth cutouts placed pretty well. The one thing I noticed was the mask itself was larger than I had expected which means it went right to the sides and under my chin on to my throat which I liked. I also noticed that the eye cutouts were a bit to close together for me, it was nothing major but I could feel the mask on the outer corners of my eyelashes.

After pulling it out of the packing it was slimy but had an amazing rose scent. I left the mask on for 18 minutes as recommended on the packaging. I slide around a little but for the most part stayed put. Surprisingly it did not dry out after being on my face for 18 minutes. After removing the mask the package says to pat your face for better absorbtion. I washed my hands, dryed them then patted my skin gently to help it dry.

Here is what I noticed after:

- my skin felt soft, supple and well hydrated.

- the scent was amazing

- felt refreshed

- slight residue which was gone about 15 minutes later with no return

Overall I would recommend this mask for a fun Sunday relaxation session. It has good moisturizing benefits which I noticed well into the next day and the scent is to die for (I am a sucker for roses). I think for the price this mask is amazing! I purchased this at Miniso for $2.99 CAD and it was well worth every penny!

Let me know if you have used any of the Minso beauty products! Tag your posts at #twoafterido on social media to share with me!


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