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The Secret to Consistency - My Workout Routine


I wanted to share my current routine with you guys. There are so many routines out there and it can get so confusing when picking what to do at the gym. I have tried all kinds of work outs but I never stick to them for longer than a month.

I am going to share what I do, and this may not be for everyone but its the approach I have taken. I noticed that every time I would start a new chapter of convincing my self to work out and I would be great for a week or two then stop. Here is the secret to being consistent.

Do what YOU enjoy! Don't listen to all those quick weight loss promises and just make it fun or even relaxing! Consistency will get you longer lasting results and a natural habit of exercising will be developed which I think is priceless.

Here is what I enjoy, try it and see if it works for you! Currently I get to the gym and the first thing I do is get a half foam roller put it down on a mat and lie down length wise. The roller goes along my spine and my shoulders fall to the ground opening up my chest. I just lie there for 1 full song and love it! If you've had a stress full day this will make you feel tremendously better, I promise!

Next I go to the stationary bikes, I hop on and get a playlist going or turn the screen on and watch some TV. I bike for 30 mins and every 2nd or 3rd time I go to the gym I increase the level of resistance to increase my endurance. I end up biking for so long that I do an effortless 5-6 mile bike and because I am not so mentally hard on myself for exercising I get off the bike with a relaxed mind actually making me want to go

longer the next time I come back.

Next I do what ever I feel like that day, I will mix it up with some dumbell weights working out my upper body or doing some ab and back exercises. Sometimes I do nothing, I just do some stretching and call it a day.

This may not seem effective to those trying to fit into their bathing suits by the summer, but themain point here is to start and once you love going to the gym you can modify activities to get the maximum benefit.

Again I will say, I believe consistency is better than hard workouts sporadically throughout the year!

Comment to let me know if you enjoy going to the gym and if so, what got you to that place!

Also I love to see what kind of work outs you do at the gym so tage #twoafterido on social media!

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